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Books about Arctic flora, and relating to Tea & Honey
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Wildflowers along the Alaska Highway Plants That We Eat: Nauriat Nigiñaqtaut - From the traditional wisdom of the Iñupiat Elders of Northwest Alaska Discovering Wild Plants
Discovering Wild Plants
Our Price: $39.95
A fullcolor guide to the flowers seen along the Alaska Highway from Dawson Creek, BC to Fairbanks. Colorcoded pages correspond to the color of the flowers in that section. The book contains more than 500 beautiful color photographs and ink drawings. Plants That We Eat is a handy, easy-to-use guide to the abundant edible plant life of Alaska. Drawing on centuries of knowledge that have kept the Inupiat people healthy, the book uses photographs and descriptions to teach newcomers to the north how to recognize which plants are safe to eat. Organized by seasons, from spring greens through summer berries to autumn roots, the book also features an appendix identifying poisonous plants. Learn all about the interesting and delicious wild harvest of Alaska, western Canada, and the Northwest in this significant illustrated volume on 147 wild plants.
The Boreal Herbal
The Boreal Herbal
Our Price: $44.95
440 pages filled with color photos descriptions, recipes illustrations Medicinal profiles, medicinal actions and preparations, and food uses included. This is probably the most exhaustive and beautifully presented book on the subject of herbals that are not just available in the Northern regions. Many of the choice herbs featured in this book are very common all over the US and Canada.